Flama in English

Flama in English

How to say flama in English translation?

¿Cómo se dice flama en inglés? Flama in English translation: flame.

Sentences with the word flama in English

El color de la flama revela si estás o no aprovechando bien el gas.The color of the flame reveals whether or not you are making good use of the gas.
Apaga la flama inmediatamente.Turn off flame immediately.
No juegues con la flama.Don’t play with the flame.
Tengo la flama encendida.I have the flame lit.
La flama desprende luz y calor.The flame gives off light and heat.
Juntó los inciensos a la flama.He gathered the incense to the flame.
No arrojes nada a la flama.Do not throw anything into the flame.
¡Qué fuerza tiene la flama!How strong is the flame!
El viento apagó la flama.The wind extinguished the flame.
No te acerques a la flama.Don’t go near the flame.
Pídele un encendedor para prender la flama.Ask him for a lighter to light the flame.
Está que arde como una flama.It is burning like a flame.
La flama es imperdonable.The flame is unforgivable.
¿Te quemaste con la flama?Did you burn yourself with the flame?
No sale la flama.The flame does not come out.
Frotaban dos palillos secos para liberar la flama.They rubbed two dry sticks together to release the flame.
Ni se te ocurra echar eso a la flama.Don’t even think about throwing that into the flame.
Colocaron la olla a la flama.They placed the pot on the flame.
Siempre le ha tenido sus reservas a la flama.He has always had his reservations about the flame.
La flama está avanzando.The flame is advancing.
Necesito que me ayudes a prender la flama.I need you to help me light the flame.
Saltaron dos chipas de la flama.Two sparks jumped out of the flame.
La flama derribó ese árbol.The flame brought down that tree.
¡Qué intensidad tiene la flama!How intense is the flame!
Ten cuidado, ahí está la flama.Be careful, there’s the flame.
No te vayas a quemar con la flama.Don’t get burned by the flame.
La flama es muy peligrosa.The flame is very dangerous.
Si llueve se va a apagar la flama.If it rains, the flame will go out.
Necesito la flama para la parrilla.I need the flame for the grill.
La flama no está quieta.The flame is not still.

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