Estar in the Present Progressive Tense

Estar in the Present Progressive Tense

Estar Review in the Present Progressive

It’s time to learn how to use estar in the Present Progressive tense in Spanish. Study the Spanish conjugation with online lessons. Learn the basic grammar rules.

Note: The Present Progressive is formed with the Present Tense of the verb “estar” (to be).
Only the 
“estar” part of the Present Progressive changes to match the subject.


The Present Participle (hablando) does not change.

Yo *estoy hablando. – I am speaking.

Tú *
estás hablando. –You are speaking.

Él/Ella *
está hablando. –He/She is speaking.

Usted *
está hablando.- You are speaking.

Nosotros *
estamos hablando.- We are speaking.

Vosotros *
estáis hablando. –You (all) are speaking.

Ustedes *
están hablando. –You (all) are speaking.

Ellos/Ellas *
están hablando.- They are speaking.

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