Escáner in Spanish

What does escáner mean in Spanish? Escáner is an X-ray device that analyzes and scans the interior of a document, object, or the interior of a body through the images obtained. The ‘escáner’ is used in medicine to diagnose and scan internal injuries, in building and airport security systems to detect hazards. The ‘escaneadoras’ are also used as a device that allows converting a text or an image into a set of data that can be processed by a computer system; uses a light beam to detect light and dark patterns on the surface of the paper, converting the image into digital signals that can be manipulated using image processing software or optical character recognition.

Escáner in Spanish

How to translate escáner in Spanish?

escáner, escaneadorascanner

escanear – to scan


El escáner es de última generación
La escaneadora muestra una hernia
Usarán el escáner para revisarme
Vamos a escanear con el escáner
El escáner no esta funcionando bien
El escáner láser funciona perfectamente
Vamos a comprar otro escáner
Marta me regaló un escáner nuevo
Este es un escáner muy rápido
Yo tengo un escáner nuevo
Hay un escáner para escanear el documento


The scanner is of the latest generation
The scanner shows a hernia
They’ll use the scanner to check me
Let’s scan with the scanner
The scanner is not working well
The laser scanner works perfectly
Let’s buy another scanner
Marta gave me a new scanner
This is a very fast scanner
I have a new scanner
There is a scanner to scan the document

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