Entrar Spanish To English

Entrar Spanish To English


The Spanish verb “entrar” translates to “to enter” or “to go in” in English. It is a versatile verb that is commonly used in various contexts. In this article, we will explore the meaning and usage of “entrar” to provide you with a better understanding of how to use it correctly.

Meaning and Usage

“Entrar” is an action verb that primarily means “to enter” or “to go in.” Here are some common ways “entrar” is used:Physical entry: The most straightforward use of “entrar” is to describe physically entering a place. For example, “Voy a entrar en la casa” translates to “I am going to enter the house.”Joining a group: “Entrar” can also refer to joining or becoming a member of a group or organization. For instance, “Decidí entrar al club de música” means “I decided to join the music club.”Starting an activity: When used with specific activities, “entrar” indicates the beginning or starting of an action. For example, “Entramos en el debate” translates to “We entered the debate” or “We started the debate.”Emotional or mental state: In some cases, “entrar” can describe entering a particular emotional or mental state. For instance, “Me entró alegría” means “I felt joy” or “Joy entered me.”Accessing information: “Entrar” is commonly used when referring to accessing or entering information, such as entering a password or logging into an account. For example, “No puedo entrar a mi cuenta” translates to “I can’t log into my account.”

Examples of Usage

Here are a few examples of how “entrar” is used in sentences:”Los invitados pueden entrar por la puerta principal” (The guests can enter through the main door).”Entré a la universidad el año pasado” (I entered the university last year).”Vamos a entrar en el nuevo proyecto la próxima semana” (We are going to start the new project next week).”El frío me entró en los huesos” (The cold entered my bones, meaning I felt extremely cold).”Necesito entrar al sistema para acceder a la información” (I need to log into the system to access the information).


“Entrar” is a versatile verb in Spanish that translates to “to enter” or “to go in” in English. Its usage extends beyond physical entry and can also refer to joining, starting an activity, expressing emotional states, or accessing information. By understanding the different contexts in which “entrar” is used, you can effectively incorporate it into your Spanish conversations and express the concept of entering accurately.
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