Employee Warning Notice Form in Spanish

How to Say “Employee Warning Notice Form” in Spanish


As an employer or HR professional, it is crucial to maintain effective communication with your employees, regardless of their language. When it comes to documenting disciplinary actions or performance issues, having an Employee Warning Notice Form in Spanish can ensure clarity and compliance. In this article, we will explore the translation and provide you with a sample form for an Employee Warning Notice in Spanish.


In Spanish, “Employee Warning Notice Form” can be translated as “Formulario de Aviso de Advertencia al Empleado.” This translation accurately conveys the purpose of the form, indicating that it serves as a written notice to the employee regarding a warning or disciplinary action.

Sample Employee Warning Notice Form in Spanish

Below is an example of how an Employee Warning Notice Form in Spanish may be structured:

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Formulario de Aviso de Advertencia al Empleado

Información del Empleado:

Nombre del Empleado: [Employee’s Name]Fecha: [Date]Departamento: [Department]

Descripción de la Advertencia:

Detalles de la infracción o problema de desempeño: [Describe the infraction or performance issue]


Acciones disciplinarias tomadas o consecuencias de la advertencia: [Specify the disciplinary actions taken or consequences of the warning]

Expectativas y Plan de Mejora:

Explicación de las expectativas claras para el futuro y un plan para mejorar el desempeño: [Provide clear expectations for the future and a plan to improve performance]

Fecha de la Revisión:

Fecha en que se revisará el progreso y se discutirán los resultados: [Specify the date for the review of progress and discussion of results]


Firma del Empleado: [Employee’s Signature]Fecha: [Date]


Having an Employee Warning Notice Form in Spanish is essential for effective communication and documentation in the workplace. By providing a translated form, you ensure that employees who primarily speak Spanish understand the content and are aware of any disciplinary actions or performance concerns. Use the provided translation and sample form as a starting point to create your own Employee Warning Notice Form in Spanish, tailored to your organization’s needs. Remember to consult with legal and HR professionals to ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations. Effective communication and clear documentation contribute to a healthy work environment and help maintain strong employer-employee relationships.
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