Dónde Está la Leche in Spanish

Dónde Está la Leche in Spanish

How to say dónde está la leche in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice where is the milk en español? Where is the milk in Spanish translation: dónde está la leche.

‘¿Dónde está la leche?’ is a term which means ‘Where is the milk?’. This question is usually asked to one of the family members to know the location of the milk, mainly at breakfast time.


Lily: Carlos, ‘¿dónde está la leche?’ | Carlos. Where is the milk?

Carlos: La leche está al lado de los huevos | The milk is next to the eggs

¿Dónde está la leche que compré?Where is the milk I bought?
No veo la leche, ¿dónde está?I don’t see the milk, where is it?
¿Dónde está la leche nueva?Where is the new milk?

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