Come Here in Spanish

¿Cómo se dice come here en español? Come here in Spanish translation: ven aquí.

Come here in Spanish is a simple sentence. That, according to the type of predicate, is active. And according to the attitude of the speaker, it is imperative. Come here in Spanish slang is the way of expressing according to the region and it translates as ven aquí. Come here in the Spanish language is composed of an omitted subject: “You” “Tú,” the nucleus of the predicate “Come” “Ven” and the precise complement of place “Here” “Aquí.” Ven aquí in English translation is pronounced “come here”. “come over here” and “get over here” are also used.

Come Here in Spanish

When to use come here in Spanish?

Ven aquí in Spanish for dogs is the voice used fundamentally in the canine’s training and education period. Come here in Spanish command is the form of expression used to give an order. In this process, a firm and clear voice is an essential command.

Come here in Argentine Spanish: the pleonasm “come” “vení is widely used, and the other would be “come here” “vení para acá “. Ven aquí in Spanish to pronounce, it has some variants, according to the way of expression of the place. It influences a lot the cultural level and the social or family environment.

Come here please in Spanish: it is one of the ways to require attention to show or point to something, with respect and education ” Ven aquí, por favor”. It refers to the request for their presence in a given place. However, how do you say come here to Mexico? The “here” “aquí” is more emphatic, and immediacy in time is added. For example, “Come here, but now.” “Ven aquí, pero ya” Knowing, how do you say come here in Cuba? It is more simple. It is said the same “come here,” “ven aquí,” and in the popular slang, “echa pa’cá”.

How to say come here?

come here – ven aquí

Sentences with the phrase come here in Spanish

Ven aquí que te deseo mucho.Come here I wish you a lot.
Algún día te diré: amor mío ven aquí.One day I will tell you: my love, come here.
Ven aquí que necesito hablarte.Come here I need to talk to you.
Mi abuelita solo repite ven aquí, ven aquí.My granny just repeats come here, come here.
¡Oh Dios mío ven aquí que sin ti estoy perdida!Oh my God come here without you I’m lost!
Ven aquí que la cola va bastante rápido y sacaron café.Come here because the queue goes pretty fast and they got coffee.
Ya me tengo que ir, ven aquí que quiero abrazarte.I have to go now, come here I want to hug you.
Y el galán le dijo: ven aquí amor mío.And the gallant said: come here my love.
Ven aquí que no estoy jugando Yeniffer.Come here I’m not playing Yeniffer.
Cuando niño solía llamarte ven aquí a hacer tareas.When I was a kid I used to call you come here to do homework.
Al fin llegaron las papas, ven aquí que te marqué.At last the potatoes arrived, come here I marked you.
Ven aquí bebé de mami.Come here mommy baby.
¡Hola guapo, ven aquí!Hello handsome, come here!
Ven aquí antes que tenga que ir por ti.Come here before I have to come get you.
Deja el juego y ven aquí.Leave the game and come here.
Ven aquí o te vas a arrepentir.Come here or you will regret it.
Te estoy llamando, ven aquí.I’m calling you, come here.
Ven aquí que te llama tu abuelo.Come here, your grandfather is calling you.
Comenzará el chequeo del vuelo así que ven aquí.The flight check will start so come here.
Ven aquí que llamaron para abordar en breve.Come here they called to board shortly.
Te has ganado la lotería, ven aquí que empiezan el pago.You’ve won the lottery, come here to start the payment.
No te tardes, ven aquí.Don’t be late, come here.
¡Ven aquí y bésame!Come here and kiss me!
Si quieres que hablemos, ven aquí.If you want to talk, come here.
Ven aquí y aclaremos todo.Come here and let’s clear everything up.
Si me quieres, ven aquí y dímelo.If you love me, come here and tell me.
Ven aquí y no te vayas más.Come here and don’t go anymore.
¡Ven aquí amor mío!Come here my love!
Te estoy esperando, ven aquí.I’m waiting for you, come here.
Ven aquí Dios mío que otra vez te necesito.Come here, my God, I need you again.

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