City Hall in Spanish

How to Say “City Hall” in Spanish


When discussing local government, civic matters, or administrative processes in Spanish-speaking countries, it’s essential to know how to refer to important institutions such as “City Hall.” In this article, we will explore how to say “City Hall” in Spanish. Understanding the Spanish term for City Hall can be useful when discussing municipal services, city governance, or locating administrative buildings. Let’s delve into the Spanish translation of “City Hall.”

The Translation: Ayuntamiento

In Spanish, the translation for “City Hall” is “Ayuntamiento.” The term “Ayuntamiento” refers to the municipal government or the administrative body responsible for local governance in a town or city.

Breaking It Down

Ayuntamiento (pronounced ah-yoon-tah-mee-en-toh) is a noun used to refer to City Hall in Spanish-speaking countries.It is derived from the word “ayuntar,” which means “to join” or “to unite,” reflecting the idea of bringing the community together under one administrative body.

Related Terms

To expand your vocabulary related to local government and municipal services in Spanish, here are a few additional terms:Municipal government -> Gobierno municipalTown hall -> Casa consistorialMayor -> Alcalde/AlcaldesaCouncilor -> Concejal/ConcejalaAdministrative building -> Edificio administrativo


In this article, we explored how to say “City Hall” in Spanish. The term “Ayuntamiento” is commonly used to refer to the administrative body responsible for local governance in Spanish-speaking countries. Understanding the structure of local government and being able to discuss municipal services is important when engaging in conversations about civic matters. Remember that language learning is an ongoing process, and practice is key to mastering any new language. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you’ll be better equipped to communicate effectively in Spanish when discussing City Hall and local government.
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Note: “City Hall in Spanish” is a very popular phrase in the Spanish language, and you can find its meaning on this page. Knowing the translation of: “City Hall in Spanish” you will know how to apply it in any conversation. Remember to apply the translation to the text, as well as know how to use it in context at different Spanish tenses and situations. The grammar in the Spanish language has a series of rules, therefore the phrase or word: “City Hall in Spanish” must be used correctly.
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