Chris Brown With You Lyrics in Spanish

How to Say “Chris Brown – With You” Lyrics in Spanish


“Chris Brown – With You” is a popular song known for its catchy melody and romantic lyrics. If you’re a fan of Chris Brown and want to know how to say the lyrics of “With You” in Spanish, this article will guide you through the translation and pronunciation of the song.

1. Translation of “Chris Brown – With You” Lyrics in Spanish

To translate the lyrics of “Chris Brown – With You” into Spanish, you can use the following translations:”With you” translates to “Contigo.””I’m into you” translates to “Estoy interesado en ti” or “Me gustas.””Every little thing you do” translates to “Cada pequeña cosa que haces.””Cause if I got you” translates to “Porque si te tengo.””I don’t need money” translates to “No necesito dinero.””I don’t need cars” translates to “No necesito coches.””Girl, you’re my all” translates to “Chica, eres mi todo.”These translations capture the essence of the original lyrics in Spanish.

2. Pronunciation of “Chris Brown – With You” Lyrics in Spanish

To pronounce the lyrics of “Chris Brown – With You” in Spanish, follow these guidelines:”Contigo” is pronounced as “con-tee-go.””Estoy interesado en ti” is pronounced as “es-toy in-te-re-sa-do en tee” with the emphasis on the capitalized syllables.”Me gustas” is pronounced as “me gus-tas.””Cada pequeña cosa que haces” is pronounced as “ca-da pe-ke-nyah co-sa ke ha-ces” with the emphasis on the capitalized syllables.”Porque si te tengo” is pronounced as “por-ke see te ten-go.””No necesito dinero” is pronounced as “no ne-ce-see-to dee-ne-ro.””No necesito coches” is pronounced as “no ne-ce-see-to co-ches.””Chica, eres mi todo” is pronounced as “chee-ca, e-res mee to-do.”Practice the pronunciation by breaking down each word and focusing on the emphasized syllables.

3. Singing “Chris Brown – With You” Lyrics in Spanish

If you want to sing along to “Chris Brown – With You” in Spanish, it’s essential to pay attention to the lyrics and pronunciation. The Spanish translations provided above can help you understand the meaning and sing the song with the same passion and emotion as the original version.

4. Enjoying Chris Brown’s Music in Spanish

Chris Brown has a vast discography, and while he primarily sings in English, exploring his music in Spanish can be a delightful experience. Artists often release versions of their songs in multiple languages, and Chris Brown may have Spanish versions or collaborations that showcase his talent in different contexts.


While “Chris Brown – With You” is originally in English, you can enjoy the song’s lyrics in Spanish by using translations like “Contigo” for “With You” and “Estoy interesado en ti” for “I’m into you.” Practice the pronunciation of each line and embrace the beautiful language of Spanish while singing along to Chris Brown’s music. Exploring artists’ music in different languages can broaden your musical horizons and deepen your appreciation for their talent. Enjoy the process and immerse yourself in the magic of music, no matter the language.
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