Can I Learn Portuguese and Spanish at the Same Time?

Can I Learn Portuguese and Spanish at the Same Time?

In this life, human beings have set goals and dreams almost impossible to believe, and learning two languages ​​at the same time will not be an exception. Portuguese and Spanish come from Latin, as do Italian, French, and Romanian. For that reason, it is not a good idea to learn two languages ​​at the same time from the same family. There is a tendency to mix grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, especially in the first few months. The first few months are the most important in learning a language.

How to learn two languages?

When learning two languages, it is recommended to study both of them every day. It is very important to spend time with both languages. Timetables must be planned for each language. It is important to be constant and not stop studying them daily because if not, the rhythm is lost. Constancy is everything for the most complicated challenges in life. Repetition and practice are very important for our brain. This needs these two elements to gradually adapt to the new forms of communication and thus go down the hard road with more experience and effort. In the end: it all comes down to constant practice.

Motivation is the Key to Success

One of the requirements is to stay motivated in the matter. During the journey, motivation is sometimes lost due to fatigue, desperation for wanting to move forward quickly, and personal, school, or professional situations that surround you and threaten to learn. Likewise, you have to enjoy what you do every day that you carry out the mission of learning. Otherwise, you will lose interest. When you reach a certain level and start to understand fluently, that’s when the fun begins. You can now watch movies and television series, enjoy a simple song, read a book for beginners, and in short, enjoy the knowledge acquired. Another relevant aspect to learn to speak is practice.

Can I Learn Portuguese and Spanish

You can’t be afraid of making mistakes. being wrong helps you correct both phonetics and vocabulary. It forces you to make an effort to look for alternatives within the same communication. You have to feed the brain with language at all times: when you are working, when you are cooking and during other activities. You have to participate in the moments where you listen, read, write and speak. Listen to a course, repeat the phrases you write, use picture cards to train your memory, and talk to yourself to listen and correct yourself. Learning a language is to develop oral and written comprehension and expression, that a language is heard, read, spoken, and written.

Learning Portuguese and Spanish at the same time

When you study two languages, all these aspects must be carried out daily. Your success will depend on this. If you are determined to learn two languages ​​at the same time, it means that you have the potential and the necessary mental capacity for this. Also, good organization and good time management, even if you have enough daily, will be essential. Even if you have a lot of time for yourself, you will have to distribute it well every day, so that you can practice and take small steps to achieve your goals.


On the other hand, we recommend those who have little time learn only one language and until you have an acceptable level, do not start with the other. Time is very important to learn languages. If you have a busy schedule or other obstacles that prevent your development and improvement, you will have to double your efforts. All sacrifices will be worth it at the end of the road. Portuguese and Spanish are two difficult languages ​​both because of their verb conjugation and because of other grammatical aspects that make them an interesting proposals and challenges.

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