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How to say “Blanco” in Spanish – Spanish Version


When learning a new language, it is essential to expand your vocabulary to effectively communicate. In this article, we will explore how to say “Blanco” in Spanish, which means “white” in English. By understanding the different translations and contexts, you will be able to use this word appropriately in Spanish conversations.


The most straightforward translation of “Blanco” in Spanish is, indeed, “white.” This translation is commonly used to describe the color of objects, such as white clothes, white walls, or white flowers. However, it is important to note that “blanco” can also have alternative translations depending on the context.

Alternative Translations

1. Blank – In certain situations, “blanco” can be translated as “blank.” For instance, when referring to a blank page, you can say “página en blanco” in Spanish. This alternative translation is particularly useful when discussing empty spaces or missing information.2. Clear – Another possible translation of “blanco” is “clear.” This translation is often used when describing clear skies, clear water, or clear glass. For example, you can say “cielo claro” to refer to a clear sky.3. Target – In some contexts, “blanco” can be translated as “target.” This translation is commonly used when talking about shooting or archery targets. For instance, you can say “apuntar al blanco” to mean “aim at the target.”

Idiomatic Expressions

Apart from its direct translations, “blanco” is also used in various idiomatic expressions in Spanish. Here are a few examples:1. Ponerse blanco – This expression translates to “to turn white” in English. It is used when someone becomes pale due to fear, shock, or surprise. For instance, if someone gets scared, you can say “se puso blanco” to describe their reaction.2. Tirar la toalla al blanco – This expression means “to throw in the towel” in English. It is used when someone gives up on a task or goal. For example, if someone decides to quit a difficult project, you can say “tiró la toalla al blanco.”


Expanding your vocabulary in a new language is crucial for effective communication. In this article, we explored the different translations and contexts of the word “blanco” in Spanish. Remember that “blanco” can primarily be translated as “white,” but it also has alternative translations such as “blank” and “clear” depending on the context. Additionally, we discussed some idiomatic expressions that include the word “blanco.” By understanding these translations and expressions, you will be able to use “blanco” appropriately in Spanish conversations. Keep practicing and exploring new words to enhance your language skills!
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