Best Way to Learn Mexican Spanish

What is the best way to learn Mexican Spanish? To study a language hard is to go into the depths of the language and make it your own. In the case of the Spanish language, it is like taming a wild horse and this takes time and effort. And it’s hard to become an expert when you practice it daily and see the results. Therefore, to learn Spanish you have to choose as the main requirement to live in a country where Spanish is spoken and that could be Mexico.

Best Way to Learn Mexican Spanish
Best Way to Learn Mexican Spanish

Mexico is one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries

Although the Spanish language originated hundreds of years ago, Mexico is one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Many students travel to Mexico to pass their courses and work there. In this way, they are forced to learn and interact with the natives. By force majeure, with interest and many hours of study, favorable results will be obtained.

It is important to know that the grammar of Mexican Spanish differs from that of the European language in different aspects. One of those differences is in the personal pronoun of the second person of the plural “vosotros” which is used mainly in Spain. However, in Mexico and many Latin American countries, this is not the case. The personal pronoun “ustedes” is used more than “vosotros” on all occasions, whether formal or informal. In addition to grammar, Mexican Spanish has other characteristics in terms of pronunciation. It has its characteristic accent and words that define it as many countries.

Mexico Words and Phrases

The vocabulary of Mexico is extensive and indigenous. There are words in that language that those who plan to travel to Mexico will have to learn. As well as familiarize yourself with these unique words and phrases if you wish to understand the locals.

Best Way to Learn Mexican Spanish

Likewise, Mexican Spanish is characterized by having many words borrowed from the English language. This is due to the proximity to the United States and the migration of people between the two countries. On the other hand, the slang of Mexican Spanish is not spoken in Spain. Many phrases are translated differently according to their literal meaning. Here we provide you with a brief list of some of those phrases that are used there:

– “¡Aguas!”: It is used to warn at a critical moment “careful!” or “attention!”
– “Bronca”: Its meaning is “fight” or “argument”, but, in Mexican slang, the word has a less specific meaning and can be used to describe some kind of problem or crisis.
– “Ser codo”: describes a person who is stingy to death.
– “Estoy crudo”: means “I have a hangover”.
– “Fresa”: some Mexicans use this word to refer to a young, offensive, and materialistic person. It is often used to describe people of privileged origin.
– “Naco” / “Naca”: means a vulgar or low-class person.
– “¡Qué padre!”: It is commonly used as a synonym for “how cool!” “¡qué guay!” or “how nice!” “¡qué bien!”

Best Way to Learn Spanish in Mexico

Studying Mexican Spanish in Mexico has its advantages too:

  1. It is the best way to improve that language in a country where everyone speaks Spanish.
  2. You can acquire full knowledge of Mexican culture and its customs.
  3. After each class you can enjoy its beautiful places like beaches and recreation centers.
  4. You can taste the delicious Mexican food.
  5. You can live the experience of listening to Mariachis and thus exercise your ear.

As you can see, Mexico is a very suitable destination for learning the Spanish language. Remember that whenever you are going to study a language, you should put as much interest as possible. Practice is essential, in grammar, verb conjugations, pronunciation, and accent. I invite you to try it.

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