Bella Ciao Chords Spanish

Bella Ciao Chords Spanish

Introduction to “Bella Ciao”

“Bella Ciao” is a popular Italian folk song that has gained international recognition and has been embraced by various cultures and languages. This article focuses on the Spanish version of “Bella Ciao” and provides the chords for those who wish to play and sing this iconic song in Spanish. The chords mentioned here will help you recreate the beautiful melody and capture the spirit of “Bella Ciao” in your Spanish musical endeavors.

The Chords for “Bella Ciao” in Spanish

To play “Bella Ciao” in Spanish, you can use the following chords:

Verse:Am - Em - Am - EmAm - Em - Am - EmChorus:F - G - Am - EmF - G - Am - Em

Chord Progression Breakdown

– The verse section begins with an Am (A minor) chord, followed by an Em (E minor) chord. This pattern repeats twice.- The chorus section starts with an F chord, followed by G, Am, and Em chords. This progression is repeated twice.It is important to note that the chord progression provided here serves as a foundation for playing “Bella Ciao” in Spanish. Feel free to experiment and add your personal touch to the song, using variations and embellishments to make it your own.

Tips for Playing “Bella Ciao” in Spanish

– Practice the chord transitions: Familiarize yourself with the chord shapes and work on transitioning smoothly between them. Practice strumming the chords until you can play them comfortably and maintain a consistent rhythm.- Pay attention to the song structure: “Bella Ciao” follows a specific structure, alternating between verses and choruses. Listen to the song or refer to the lyrics to understand where each section begins and ends.- Sing along in Spanish: As you play the chords, feel free to sing along in Spanish. Immerse yourself in the lyrics and let the music and words come together to create a captivating experience.


Playing “Bella Ciao” in Spanish allows you to connect with the spirit of this timeless folk song in a new way. By using the chords provided and adding your personal style, you can recreate the enchanting melody of “Bella Ciao” while embracing the beauty of the Spanish language. Whether you’re playing solo or with a group, let the chords guide you as you bring this iconic song to life in Spanish. Enjoy the journey of making music and sharing the universal message of “Bella Ciao” through your Spanish rendition.
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