Animals Flashcards in Spanish

Animals Flashcards

How to translate the animals in Spanish with flashcards?. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation with flashcards

animals in Spanish

loro – parrot
pato – duck
caracol – snail
caballo – horse
abeja – bee
conejo – rabbit
perro – dog
gato -cat
learn animals in Spanish

ratón – mouse
gallina – chicken
rana – frog
gallo – rooster
cerdo – pig
mariposa – butterfly
pez de colores – goldfish
tortuga – turtle
wild animals in Spanish

erizo – hedgehog
pollito – chick
cabra – goat 
oveja – sheep
camello – camel
lechuza – owl
oso – bear
hipopótamo – hippo
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