5 Advantages of Using Anki Spanish

5 Advantages of Using Anki to Learn Spanish

5 Advantages of Using Anki Spanish

Anki is free software that helps memorize anything by using flashcards. This software helps learn fun facts, personal facts, history, or even a new language. It is an application that allows you to strengthen long-term data retention. Anki supports synchronization with a free online server called AnkiWeb. The service allows users to sync across multiple computers and study online or on a cell phone. It has certainly been a fun and unusual method of learning. Here are the 5 advantages of using Anki to learn Spanish:

1- First of all, Anki Spanish uses the spaced repetition method. Spaced review is a set of learning techniques in which progress is made at increasing intervals. Normally spaced review does not use simple rereading but is intended to be active learning. Unlike other applications, this method has been shown to increase the rate of memorization. It seems that everyone’s memory works in much the same way, and the review patterns are similar. This is regardless of the differences in IQ.

Anki Spanish Desk

2- Continuing with the advantages, let’s talk about Anki’s Spanish vocabulary deck. The main tactics this app is based on are cards and decks. Decks are based on sets of questions and answers that users can download or create. Extending vocabulary is a difficult task for any student, be it beginner or intermediate. Combining the spacing method with Anki’s extensive vocabulary will eventually make the user fluent in the language. This advantage is recognized by the ease with which the client can learn new words.

3- Another advantage of Anki Spanish is probably the complete card and deck editor. The renowned Spanish Anki decks can be edited in different ways. This editor allows you to create your learning exercise. They can adjust everything, including text, titles, colors, font and style, and more. Study sessions can also be customized based on length or the number of cards. In addition, it even sets a useful limit on how many new cards are introduced each day.

Anki Spanish Vocab

4- In Spanish, Anki cards with words are not only used to expand vocabulary but also in phrases or sentences. In Anki Spanish, the most common words are used in sentences so that the user gets into the grammar. The best thing is that the application uses simple words as the difficulty increases. Thanks to this option, the user progressively broadens his perspective of the language and his understanding.

5- The Spanish Anki software is often compared to a game due to its unusual learning method. Especially because of the option that the scoring application has. You can give a score to each card depending on the level of difficulty that you have presented in learning it. This score helps the app set the difficulty and frequency of learning. Thanks to this option, the user feels in control of their progress, which benefits their learning.


Of course, many applications offer methods similar to Anki, but none have shown the same results. Anki is a highly customizable educational and reference app that can provide a great service to anyone who wants to learn. It is especially useful for learning new languages, with cards containing new words and phrases that must be practiced daily. It is especially recommended for people who want to expand their vocabulary.

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