100 Years in Spanish

Expressing “100 Years” in Spanish


Numbers play a crucial role in our daily lives, allowing us to communicate quantities, measurements, and durations. In this article, we will explore how to express “100 years” in Spanish, providing you with the necessary vocabulary to effectively convey this concept in the Spanish language.

Cómo decir “100 años” en español

100 años

The translation for “100 years” in Spanish is “100 años.” The word “años” refers to “years” in English, and “100” is “cien” in Spanish. When combining these words, we get the phrase “100 años.”

Example Sentences

Here are a few example sentences to help you understand how to use “100 años” in different contexts:

1. Mi abuela cumplió 100 años ayer.

Translation: My grandmother turned 100 years old yesterday.In this sentence, we use “100 años” to express the age of the speaker’s grandmother. It indicates that she reached the milestone of living for a century.

2. El árbol tiene más de 100 años.

Translation: The tree is over 100 years old.In this example, “100 años” is used to describe the age of a tree. It signifies that the tree has been growing for more than a century.

3. Celebraremos el centenario de nuestra escuela con una gran fiesta de 100 años.

Translation: We will celebrate our school’s centennial with a grand 100-year party.Here, “100 años” is used to denote the duration of a centennial celebration for a school. It signifies that the school has been in existence for a hundred years.

4. El museo alberga una colección de arte de más de 100 años de antigüedad.

Translation: The museum houses an art collection that is over 100 years old.In this sentence, “100 años” is used to describe the age of an art collection. It indicates that the artworks in the collection have been created more than a century ago.


Knowing how to express “100 years” in Spanish as “100 años” allows you to communicate the concept of a century in the Spanish language. Whether you’re discussing someone’s age, the age of an object, or commemorating a significant milestone, this phrase will come in handy. Remember to practice using “100 años” in various contexts to improve your fluency and confidence in speaking Spanish.
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