Workplace in Spanish Translation

How to say workplace in Spanish?

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Workplace Words in Spanish

Workplace in Spanish Translation Vocabulary:

el empleo (ehl ehm-pleh-oh) (the job; employment)

presentarse (preh-sehn-tahr-seh) (to go to be present at some place; to introduce oneself)

la entrevista (lah ehn-treh-bvees-tah) (the interview)

el personal (ehl pehr-soh-nahl) (the staff; the personnel)

workplace in Spanish

el ascensor (ehl ah-sehn-sohr) (the elevator)

elpasillo (ehl pah-see-yoh) (the corridor; the aisle)

la cita (lah see-tah) (the appointment; the date [as in going on a date with someone])

la secretaria (lah seh-kreh-tah-reeah) (the female secretary)

el secretario (ehl seh-kreh-tah-reeoh) (the male secretary)

gerencial (Heh-rehn-see-ahl) (managerial)

la carta (lah kahr-tah) (the letter)

la recomendación (lah reh-koh-mehn-dah-see-ohn) (the recommendation)

la computadora (lah kohm-poo-tah–doh-rah) (the computer)

la captura (lah kahp-too-rah) (the capture [in computer speak: processing])

programar (proh-grah-mahr) (to program; to make software)

jobs in Spanish speaking countries

​el programa (ehl proh-grah-mah) (the software)

el archivo (ehl ahr-chee-bvoh) (the file)

la base de datos (lah bvah-seh de dah-tohs) (the database)

imprimir (eem-pree-meer) (to print)

teclear (tehk-leh-ahr) (to type)

el teclado (ehl tehk-lah-doh) (the keyboard)

el compromise (ehl kohm-proh-mee-soh) (the commitment; the engagement; plans)

el informe (ehl een-fohr-meh) (the report)


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