Where Were You Born in Spanish?

How do you say ‘where were you born in Spanish’?. Where was born is a question used to ask about the place of birth of a particular person. It is also used simultaneously to ask about the city of origin or the country to which someone belongs.

Where were you born in Spanish

How to translate ‘where were you born in Spanish’?

you(informal)(singular) – Where were you born? – ¿Dónde naciste?. ¿En dónde naciste?

you(formal)(singular) – Where were you born? – ¿Dónde usted nació?. ¿En dónde usted nació?


Lily: Carlos, yo sé que viviste en Canadá, pero, ¿dónde naciste? | Carlos, I know you lived in Canada, but where were you born?

Carlos: Yo nací en la India | I was born in India


¿En dónde nació usted?
Carlos, ¿en dónde naciste?
Quiero saber, ¿en dónde naciste?
¿En dónde naciste amigo mío?
¿En dónde naciste Carlos?
¿Puedo saber en dónde naciste?
¿Dime en dónde naciste?
¿En dónde naciste? porque tienes un acento
¿En dónde naciste?, no creo que eres de por aquí


Where were you born?
Carlos, where were you born?
I want to know, where you were born?
Where were you born my friend?
Where were you born Carlos?
May I know where you were born?
Tell me where were you born?
Where were you born?, because you have an accent
Where were you born?, I don’t think you’re from around here

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