Where is it in Spanish

Where is it in Spanish

How to say where is it in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice where is it en español? Where is it in Spanish translation: dónde está.

‘Where is it’ is a question asked when someone doesn’t know the location of a particular thing or place and needs to know.

Where is it? – ¿Dónde está?

Where is? – ¿Dónde está?

Where is he/she? – ¿Dónde está?

(you formal – singular) Where are you? – ¿Dónde está?


James: Lo que me dijiste ayer, ¿dónde está? | What you told me yesterday, where is it?

Nancy: Está destrás de la puerta del baño | It’s behind the bathroom door

James: Está bien, gracias por comprarlo | Ok, thanks for buying

Where is it today?¿Dónde está hoy?
Carlos, where is it?Carlos, ¿dónde está?
Where is it tomorrow?¿Dónde está mañana?
Yes, where is it?Si, ¿dónde está?
OK, where is it?OK, ¿dónde está?
She told me about it, where is it?Ella me lo contó, ¿dónde está?
Sure, where is it?Seguro, ¿dónde está?
Exactly, I get it, where is it?Exactamente, lo entiendo, ¿dónde está?
I want to know like her, where is it?Quiero saber como ella, ¿dónde está?
I would like to know where is it?Me gustaría saber, ¿dónde está?

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