Where Have You Been in Spanish

Where Have You Been in Spanish

How do you say where have you been in Spanish?

This question is translated in the Spanish language as: ¿Dónde has estado?

¿Dónde has estado? – Where have you been? (informal)(singular)

¿Dónde ha estado? – Where have you been? (formal)(singular)

¿Dónde han estado? – Where have you been? (plural)

To answer this question you can use:

I’ve been…. ‘Yo he estado …’

We have been… ‘Nosotros hemos estado…’

For example:

We have been on vacation – ‘Nosotros hemos estado de vacaciones’

Sentences with the phrase where have you been in Spanish

Saliste de viaje, ¿dónde has estado?You went on a trip, where have you been?
¿Dónde has estado en estos dos años?Where have you been in these two years?
Me gustaría saber en dónde has estado en estas tres semanas.I would like to know where you have been in these three weeks.
Estoy aquí con maría y nos hemos preguntado, ¿dónde has estado?I’m here with Maria and we’ve wondered, where have you been?
¿Dónde has estado todo este tiempo?Where have you been all this time?
Bueno, para empezar, ¿dónde has estado?Well, for starters, where have you been?
Por cierto, ¿dónde has estado todo el día?By the way, where have you been all day?
David, querido, ¿dónde has estado todo el día?David, darling, where have you been all day?
No te he visto en todo el día, ¿dónde has estado?I haven’t seen you all day, where have you been?
Te dice hacia donde vas y en dónde has estado.He tells you where you are going and where you have been.
¿Dónde has estado toda la mañana?Where have you been all morning?
Además, yo no sé, ¿dónde has estado tú tampoco?Also, I don’t know, where have you been either?
No querrás que tú mujer te pregunte, ¿dónde has estado?You don’t want your wife to ask you, where have you been?
Tienes que ir a vestirte, ¿dónde has estado tanto tiempo?You have to go get dressed, where have you been so long?
No sé dónde has estado anoche.I don’t know where you were last night.
Entonces, ¿dónde has estado las últimas tres semanas?So where have you been the last three weeks?
Tenemos todo el permiso de preguntar dónde has estado.We have every permission to ask where you’ve been.
¿Dónde has estado viviendo hasta ahora?Where have you been living until now?
No tienes que explicar, ¿dónde has estado?You don’t have to explain, where have you been?
Entonces, ¿dónde has estado durmiendo jovencita?So where have you been sleeping young lady?
¿Crees que no sé dónde has estado?Do you think I don’t know where you’ve been?
¿Dónde has estado estos últimos seis años?Where have you been these last six years?
Ni siquiera voy a preguntar ¿dónde has estado?I’m not even gonna ask where you been?
Bueno, ¿me vas a decir dónde has estado?Well, are you going to tell me where you’ve been?
¿Por dónde has estado correteando esta semana?Where have you been running around this week?
¿Eso tiene algo que ver con dónde has estado estos tres días?Does that have anything to do with where you’ve been these three days?
¿Y dónde has estado esta vez?And where have you been this time?
No te pregunto dónde has estado. Lo sé.I’m not asking where you’ve been. I know.
Bueno, cuéntame, ¿dónde has estado?Well tell me, where have you been?
Hola Lucy. ¿Dónde has estado tú?Hello Lucy. Where have you been?
Buenas noches Pedro. ¿Dónde ha estado usted?Good evening Peter. Where have you been?
Buenas tardes familia. ¿Dónde han estado ustedes?Good afternoon family. Where have you been?

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