What does Y mean in Spanish?

In this article you will learn what does Y mean in Spanish. Y is a word in the Spanish language and a letter of the alphabet. The word Y means “and”. It is a conjunction used for connect two words or phrases from the same part of speech. It is also used to add an additional comment or sentence and works as an interjection.

What does Y mean in Spanish

How to translate Y in Spanish?

This word is translated in the English language as: and.


Marta: Pedro, ¿qué frutas trajiste? | Pedro, what fruits did you bring?

Pedro: Traje muchas manzanas y naranjas | I brought a lot of apples and oranges




‘James y su hermano estaban bailando’

‘Le gusta comer manzana y plátano’

‘James and his brother were dancing’

‘She likes to eat apple and banana’

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