What Does Primos Mean in Spanish

Primos, primas in Spanish translation: cousin.

What does primos mean in Spanish? This word describes a relation that is to an uncle’s or aunt’s child.

What Does Primos Mean in Spanish

How to say primos in Spanish?

cousins – primos, primas

‘Los primos hermanos’ is called to the children of your siblings concerning your children. 

There are also ‘primos segundos’, this term refers to the child of your ‘primo(a) hermano(a)’, the relationship between you and the child of your first cousin, it is usually called ‘primos segundos’. 

Outside of these two close blood ties, many cousins ​​are also generated, not close to you, but still cousins ​​due to the blood bond that exists, whether close or not. 

For example, your mother’s second cousin son is also called ‘primo’.


the cousin (masculine) – el primo

the cousin (feminine) – la prima 

the cousins (masculine) – los primos

the cousins (feminine) – las primas

first cousins – primos hermanos

second cousins – primos segundos

Sentences with the word primos in Spanish

Tengo dos primos que son canadienses.I have two cousins ​​who are Canadian.
Mis primos viven en una choza.My cousins ​​live in a shack.
Quisiera tener bastantes primos.I would like to have many cousins.
Mis primos se tomaron todas las cervezas.My cousins ​​drank all the beers.
Hoy me vinieron a visitar mis primos.My cousins ​​came to visit me today.
Todos los primos que tengo son del campo.All the cousins ​​I have are from the countryside.
Cada vez que vienen mis primos me dejan sin comida.Every time my cousins ​​come they leave me without food.
No veo a mis primos por los alrededores.I don’t see my cousins ​​around.
Me ha llamado uno de mis primos al celular.He has called me one of my cousins ​​on the cell phone.
Empiezo a creer que mis primos no son de mi país.I’m beginning to believe that my cousins ​​are not from my country.
Tienen mucho ganado mis primos del norte.My cousins ​​from the north have a lot of cattle.
Mis primos son graduados de medicina.My cousins ​​are medical graduates.
Cuando mis primos se ríen se entera el vecindario.When my cousins ​​laugh, the neighborhood finds out.
A mis primos les gusta el color amarillo.My cousins ​​like the color yellow.
Tienen mis primos el último carro que salió al mercado.My cousins ​​have the last car that came on the market.
La toalla grande es de mis primos.The big towel belongs to my cousins.
Mis primos son campeones mundiales de Atletismo.My cousins ​​are world champions in Athletics.
¡Qué rico cocinan mis primos!How delicious my cousins ​​cook!
Por poco se pierden mis primos en el bosque.My cousins ​​almost got lost in the woods.
Esta mañana se aparecieron mis primos en la iglesia.This morning my cousins ​​showed up at church.
Mis primos son pastores hace dos años.My cousins ​​have been pastors for two years.
Ojalá viniesen para la cena mis primos.I wish my cousins ​​would come for dinner.
El cariño de mis primos es único.The love of my cousins ​​is unique.
Mis ejemplos a seguir son mis primos.My role models are my cousins.
Detrás de las rocas se esconden mis primos.Behind the rocks my cousins ​​hide.
Son divertidos mis primos cuando beben ron.My cousins ​​are funny when they drink rum.
Celebrando mi cumpleaños me visitaron mis primos.Celebrating my birthday my cousins ​​visited me.
Mi perro les ladró a mis primos por largo rato.My dog ​​barked at my cousins ​​for a long time.
He soñado con mis primos montones de veces.I’ve dreamed about my cousins ​​lots of times.
No quisiera ver a mis primos montando a caballo.I wouldn’t want to see my cousins ​​riding horses.

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