What Does Neta Mean in Spanish

This article will give you a clear idea of what does Neta means in Spanish. Neta is a word from the Spanish language that means net. Net is a device made of fabric or ropes tied together to catch things like fish. Another meaning of net is when we refer to a network, for example, the network of a company.

On the other hand, in some countries, ‘la neta’ is used as a slang phrase that means ‘la verdad’ translated into the English language as ‘the truth’.

What Does Neta Mean in Spanish


neta, neto – net

la neta (la verdad) – the true

red – network

What does ‘la neta’ mean in Spanish?

This phrase is translated in the English language as: the true, really


Marta: Pedro, ¿estas tú mintiéndome? | Pedro, are you lying to me?

Pedro: Te aseguro que es la neta (Te aseguro que es la verdad) | I assure you that it is the truth

Sentences with the term la neta in Spanish

La neta nunca esperé eso de ti.The true I never expected that from you.
Eres muy buena en lo que haces, la neta te admiro.You are very good at what you do, I really admire you.
La neta” es una expresión usada por los jóvenes.La neta is an expression used by young people.
Lo esperaría de todos menos de ti, la neta.I would expect it from everyone except you, the true.
La neta nos tenemos que ir.Really we have to go.
No puedo irme, la neta lo siento mucho.I can’t go, really I’m very sorry.
La neta que te quiero en mi vida.Really that I want you in my life.
Confío mucho en ti, la neta que sí.I trust you a lot, really.
La neta que llegaste a mi vida para hacerme feliz.The true that you came into my life to make me happy.
Juro que te estoy diciendo la neta.I swear I’m telling you the true.
La neta que eres bien tonto.The true that you are very stupid.
No puedo decirte la neta.I can’t tell you the true.
La neta me descolocó tu actitud.The true dislocated me your attitude.
¿Qué significa “la neta”?What does “la neta” mean?
La neta no me gusta este libro.I absolutely do not like this book.
Eres tan desgraciado, la neta lo ciento.You are so miserable, the true one hundred.
La neta no quiero salir contigo.The true I do not want to go out with you.
¿Te vas del equipo de fútbol? la neta no te creo.Are you leaving the soccer team? the true I do not believe you.
¿La neta que ya tienes 30 años?Really that you are already 30 years old?
Te nombraron la alumna modelo, la neta que es cierto.They named you the model student, that is true.
La neta que no sé cómo decirle lo ocurrido.The true that I do not know how to tell him what happened.
Me duele saber que estés tan grave, la neta es bien difícil.It hurts me to know that you are so serious, the true is very difficult.
La neta me alegra que se hayan arreglado.The true, I am glad that they have been fixed.
Descubrieron al delincuente, la neta era tu hermano.They discovered the criminal, the true was your brother.
La neta mi amor que eres todo para mí.The true, my love that you are everything to me.
Acabo de ganar la lotería, la neta, no te miento.I just won the lottery, the true one, I’m not lying to you.
La neta es que estoy bien afligido.The true is that I am very afflicted.
No sé qué ocurrió entre nosotros, la neta.I don’t know what happened between us, the true.
La neta andas bien pedo.The true you’re doing well fart.
¿Quieres que te diga la neta?Do you want me to tell you the true?

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