What Does Mande Mean in Spanish

This article will tell you what does mande mean in Spanish.

1- The word mande comes from the verb ‘mandar’ which means to send. In this case, mande could be used as a substitute for envie. Note that mande is from the verb ‘mandar’ conjugated in the third person singular (she/he) and with (you) in the formal singular of the present tense.

2- Also this word is used as a command, authorizing a person to order, instruct, direct, command or dictate an order that will be carried out. In this case, mande could be used as a substitute for ordene .

Mande is a word which can form a whole sentence itself.

What Does Mande Mean in Spanish

What does mande mean in Spanish?

This word is translated in the English language as:

to send – mandar

send – mande *used with she/he/you(formal)(singular)*

command, instruct, order, direct, order – mandar

to send – enviar

to order – ordenar

Conversation 1:

Marta: Por favor, mande el paquete a la oficina | Please send the package to the office

Pedro: Perfecto, ningún problema | Perfect, no problem..

Conversation 2:

Marta: Buenos días jefe, usted mande | Good morning boss, you order.

Pedro: Por favor vaya hoy al banco y deposite este dinero | Please go to the bank today and deposit this money.

Sentences with the word mande in Spanish

Mande coronel, a sus órdenes.Command Colonel, at your command.
Ya es hora de que me mande a cas.It’s about time you send me home.
Mande a un grupo de personas para el trabajo en el campo.Send a group of people to work in the field.
Si se pierde, mande el cheque a esa dirección.If lost, send the check to that address.
Espero que me mande los libros forrados.I hope you send me the covered books.
Pues mande que pongan toldos para el sol.Well, order them to put up awnings for the sun.
Mande por costumbre lo que usted tenga por costumbre.Send out of habit what you have out of habit.
Para su cumpleaños mande unas postales.For his birthday send some postcards.
Mande el cake para la fiesta con el chofer.Send the cake for the party with the driver.
Espero que mande a buscar las tasas y el café.I hope you’ll send for the fees and the coffee.
Que mande los tambores.Let him send the drums.
Por favor, mande a buscar a los músicos para la fiesta.Please send for the musicians for the party.
Mande a buscar las vacunas para el consultorio médico.Send for the vaccines for the doctor’s office.
Le recomiendo que mande a pedir la ambulancia para el enfermo.I recommend that you send for the ambulance for the patient.
Mande los soldados para la batalla.Send the soldiers to battle.
No se preocupe mande los escoltas para que está más seguro.Don’t worry, send the escorts so that you are safer.
Mande a buscar la cena.Send for dinner.
Si ya está hambriento mande a pedir los dulces.If you’re already hungry, order the sweets.
Ante la indisciplina del grupo mande a buscar al director.Given the indiscipline of the group send for the director.
Gregoria mande a tocar el timbre de salida de la escuela.Gregoria sends for the school bell to ring.
Mande a reparar los zapatos para la escuela.Have shoes repaired for school.
Por favor, mande a sacar las entradas para el teatro.Please have the theater tickets put out.
Le recomiendo que mande a imprimir los libros.I recommend that you have the books printed.
No se demore más y mande a buscar los panes de la merienda.Don’t delay any longer and send for the snack breads.
Espero que mande pronto a los chicos para el seminternado.I hope he sends the boys off to semi-boarding school soon.
Mande a solicitar los resultados de los Eumenes.Send to request the results of the Eumenes.
No tenga pena y mande a buscar los refrescos.Don’t be embarrassed and send for the refreshments.
En las próximas semanas mande a uno de ellos tres a buscar los documentos.In the next few weeks, send one of the three to look for the documents.
Busque sus credenciales y mande sus boletos a revisar para la feria del libro.Get your credentials and have your tickets checked for the book fair.
Mande a pedir lo que usted desee para acompañar los bizcochos del desayuno.Send to order what you want to accompany the breakfast biscuits.

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