What does Dice mean in Spanish

What does Dice mean in Spanish

How to say dice in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice dice en inglés? Dice in English translation: it says, he says, she says.

Sentences with the word dice in Spanish

Eso es lo que siempre dice.That’s what he always says.
¿Qué es lo que dice tu mamá?What does your mom say?
Dice que puedes ir.She says you can go.
Eso es lo que él dice.That’s what he says.
No llegó a pasar lo que dice.He did not come to pass what he says.
Dice haber oído unas voces por aquí.He claims to have heard some voices around here.
Tiene razón el ministro cuando dice que esas polémicas agravian.The minister is right when he says that these controversies offend.
Dice que le funciona el teléfono.He says his phone works.
Eso es siempre lo que él dice.That’s always what he says.
No hagas lo que dice.Don’t do what he says.
Dice el periodista que el panorama político está que arde.The journalist says that the political landscape is on fire.
Siempre dice que gasta mucho dinero.He always says that he spends a lot of money.
Eso es lo que dice la crónica.That’s what the chronicle says.
Dice que su mujer le engaña.He says that his wife is cheating on him.
Cuando está nervioso dice muchas tonterías.When he is nervous he talks a lot of nonsense.
Él solo dice la verdad.He only tells the truth.
¿Revisaste lo que dice la ley?Did you check what the law says?
Esta frase dice así.This sentence says so.
Dice que el dinero es la causa de todos sus problemas.He says that money is the cause of all his problems.
Los profesores no son tan duros como se dice.Teachers are not as tough as they say.
Eso es lo que se dice de ella.That is what is said of her.
Ahora, me dice que no va a ir.Now, he tells me that he is not going to go.
Te voy a explicar lo que él dice.I’ll explain what he says.
Aunque conoce a todos ellos, dice sobre no compartir algunas de sus costumbres.Although he knows all of them, he says about not sharing some of his customs.
Dice que su jefe no la toma en consideración.He says that his boss doesn’t take her into consideration.
Quien las maquilla dice que son chicas muy exigentes.Whoever makes them up says they are very demanding girls.
No la creo tan capaz como dice.I don’t think she’s as capable as he says.
Pero nadie dice cómo se podría resolver el problema.But nobody says how the problem could be solved.
Este curandero dice que cura con oraciones.This healer says that he heals with prayers.
¿Cómo se dice esto en inglés?How do you say this in English?

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