Ve in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘ve’ means in Spanish. ‘Ve’ is a Spanish word which means ‘look’, ‘see’, ‘watch’ or ‘go’ from the verbs ‘ver’ or ‘ir’. This word is used to describe the act of seeing, watching or going.

Ve in Spanish

How to translate ve in Spanish?

Case 1:

ve – see, watch, look

ver – to see, to watch, to look

Case 2:

ve – go

ir – to go

Case 1: Examples using the verb: to see, to watch, to look (ver)


Carlos ve la película
Ella ve su programa favorito
¿Ve la casa desde aquí?


Carlos watches the movie
She watches her favorite show
Do you see the house from here?

Case 2: Examples using the verb: to go (ir)


Carlos ve al parque
ve después a buscarla
Marta ve a pasear un rato


Carlos go to the park
You go look for her later
Marta go for a walk

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