To Pretend in Spanish

To Pretend in Spanish

Expressing “To Pretend” in Spanish

Pretending is a common part of imaginative play and communication. Whether you’re learning Spanish or interested in discussing pretend actions in Spanish, it’s important to know how to express the concept of “to pretend.” Let’s explore the Spanish verb for “to pretend” and its usage.

1. Translation:

The translation of “to pretend” in Spanish is “fingir” or “simular.” Both verbs convey the idea of acting or behaving in a way that is not genuine or real.

2. Pronunciation:

To pronounce these Spanish verbs correctly, follow these guidelines:”Fingir” is pronounced as “feen-HEER.””Simular” is pronounced as “see-MOO-lar.”

3. Usage and Examples:

Here are a few examples of how to use these verbs in different contexts:”Él finge ser un superhéroe” – He pretends to be a superhero.”Vamos a simular una fiesta en el jardín” – Let’s pretend to have a garden party.”Ella fingió estar enferma para no ir a la escuela” – She pretended to be sick to avoid going to school.”Los niños simulan ser animales en su juego” – The children pretend to be animals in their game.

4. Related Vocabulary:

In addition to “fingir” and “simular,” here are some related words and phrases associated with pretending in Spanish:”Juego de roles” – Role play.”Actuar” – To act.”Imaginación” – Imagination.”Teatro” – Theater.”Disfraz” – Costume.”Mundo de fantasía” – Fantasy world.”Fingir ser alguien más” – To pretend to be someone else.”Hacer como si” – To act as if.


In Spanish, the verbs “fingir” and “simular” are used to express the concept of pretending, where one acts or behaves in a way that is not genuine or real. Incorporating these verbs into your vocabulary allows you to effectively communicate about pretend actions and engage in discussions related to imaginative play. Remember the correct pronunciation and explore related vocabulary to enhance your understanding of pretending in Spanish. Whether you’re discussing childhood games, acting out scenes, or exploring imaginative scenarios, knowing how to say “to pretend” in Spanish enables you to express and participate in pretend activities with others.
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Note: “To Pretend in Spanish” is a very popular phrase in the Spanish language, and you can find its meaning on this page. Knowing the translation of: “To Pretend in Spanish” you will know how to apply it in any conversation. Remember to apply the translation to the text, as well as know how to use it in context at different Spanish tenses and situations. The grammar in the Spanish language has a series of rules, therefore the phrase or word: “To Pretend in Spanish” must be used correctly.
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