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How to Say The School in Spanish? | Teaching Supplies

How to translate the school in Spanish?. If your child is having difficulty knowing in Spanish what the school supplies are called, then consider starting to teach them all the school things in the Spanish language. But for that, you first have to learn yourself how to name and pronounce them.

The School in Spanish

Let say you are in a Spanish-speaking country and you are looking for school supplies, you want to make sure to purchase a list that has all the necessities. You want to have the supplies that are needed so that your child can be prepared for their upcoming school year, but then you realize you don’t how to name the school supplies in Spanish and even pronounce them. That’s why it is very important to know the school material.

How do you say school?

  • School = Escuela

Here is the school supplies list
scissor in spanish

Tijera (Scissor)

sharperner in spanish


ruler in spanish

Regla (Ruler)

marker in spanish

Plumón (Marker)


Pizarra (Board)




Papel (Paper)


Mochila (Schoolbag)


Libro (Book)



pencil in spanish

Lápiz (Pencil)

glue in spanish

Goma de Pegar (Glue)

eraser in spanish

Goma de Borrar (Eraser)

crayons in spanish


compass in spanish

Compás (Compass)

colors in spanish

Colores (Colors)

folder in spanish

Carpeta (Folder)

calculator in spanish


pen in spanish

Bolígrafo, Pluma (Pen)

watercolor in spanish

Acuarela (Watercolor)

chalk in spanish

Tizas (Chalks)



Vámonos a la escuela – Let’s go to school

Traeremos lápices y cuadernos a la escuela – We will bring pencils and notebooks to school

Los libros escolares son muy importantes – School books are very important

La escuela de mi hijo está en la otra cuadra. – My son’s school is on the other block

La escuela tiene nuevas reglas este año – The school has new rules this year

Mi escuela abrirá este mes – My school will open this month

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