Steak in Spanish

Steak in Spanish

How to say steak in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice steak en español? Steak in Spanish translation: filete, bistec.

When we talk about steak we mean a piece of meat or fish, which is finely cut and sliced. Steaks are very popular today as they are so easy to prepare and season. There are chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish steaks, etc.

turkey steak – bistec de pavo
beef steak – filete de ternera
pork fillet – filete de cerdo
fish steak – filete de pescado
veal steak – filete de ternera


Luisa: Hoy vamos a comer bistec de ternera | Today we are going to eat beef steak
Marcos: ¡Qué delicioso comer filete de ternera! | How delicious to eat beef steak!

Me encanta comer filete de terneraI love to eat beef steak
El bistec está deliciosoThe steak is delicious
El bistec tiene ajo y cebollaThe steak has garlic and onion
Voy a cocinar bistec de terneraI’m going to cook beef steak
¡Qué delicioso comer filete de ternera!How delicious to eat beef steak!
Quiero un bistecI want a steak
Ella quiere el bistec bien hechoShe wants the steak well done
Bistec, arroz y plátano es mi plato favorito.Steak, rice and banana is my favorite dish.
Huelo filete de cerdoI smell pork fillet

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