Spanish Words that Start with Q

 Spanish Words that Start with Q | Spanish Alphabet

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Spanish Words that Start with Q

Q   queso – cheese

que (KE) pron. – who; that, which

¿qué?  (KE) interr. – what? which?

¿Qué tenemos para mañana?

quedar (ke DAR) v. – to fit; to suit

quedarse v. – to stay, to remain

quejarse (ke HAR se) v. – to complain

quemado, a (ke MA do) adj. – burned

quemar (ke MAR) v. – to burn

querer (ke RER) v. – to want; to love

querido, a (ke REE do) adj. – dear, beloved

quesadilla (la) (ke sa DEE ya) n. – folded tortilla with melted cheese and garnishes

queso (el ) (KE so) n. – cheese

quien (KYEN) pron. – who, whom

¿quién?  (KYEN) interr. – who?

quieto, a (KYE to) adj. – quiet, calm

química (la) (KEE mee ca) n. – chemistry

quitar (kee TAR) v. – to remove; to take away

quitarse v. – to take off one’s clothing or makeup

quizá, quizás (kee SA) adv. – perhaps; maybe