Sour Cream in Spanish

How to say sour cream in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice sour cream en español? Sour cream in Spanish translation: crema agria. A sour cream is a product that is derived from the dairy family and can be found in any supermarket. Sour cream and cheese are widely used to give flavor to other foods, such as breads, Mexican tacos, enchiladas and others.

Sour Cream in Spanish

One of the most important benefits of consuming this product is that it provides us with calcium. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, and teeth and bones contain the most.

Sour cream is obtained from milk cream, to which bacteria, such as lactic acid, are added, which give it a smooth and aromatic texture. It has a creamy and salty flavor, perfect for appetizers and snacks.

sour cream – crema agria

Sentences with the term sour cream in Spanish

La crema agria es muy popular en mi región.Sour cream is very popular in my region.
Todos los días yo como crema agria.Every day I eat sour cream.
El mejor chef del mundo prepara crema agria.The best chef in the world prepares sour cream.
Los mejores platos son con crema agria.The best dishes are with sour cream.
La crema agria tiene como ingrediente principal la leche.Sour cream has milk as its main ingredient.
¿Quién sabe preparar crema agria por los alrededores?Who knows how to make sour cream around here?
Me he desayunado un pozuelo lleno de crema agria.I had a breakfast bowl full of sour cream.
Pocos conocen lo que es la crema agria.Few know what sour cream is.
¡Dame a probar de esa deliciosa crema agria!Give me a taste of that delicious sour cream!
Ya no nos queda crema agria en el refrigerador.We don’t have any sour cream left in the fridge.
A través de la ventana veo el plato con crema agria.Through the window I see the plate with sour cream.
No tengo ganas de preparar crema agria hoy.I don’t feel like making sour cream today.
Me falta la leche para preparar la crema agria.I lack the milk to prepare the sour cream.
Mezclé la crema agria con un poco de queso.I mixed the sour cream with some cheese.
Tengo varios invitados para que prueben mi crema agria.I have several guests to taste my sour cream.
La crema de agria con espaguetis debe de ser sabrosa.Sour cream with spaghetti must be tasty.
Con un poco de crema agria haremos un pastel.With a little sour cream we will make a cake.
¿Quién me alcanza un poco de crema agria del refrigerador?Who can get me some sour cream from the fridge?
Venía el hombre con un plato lleno de crema agria para mis hijos.The man came with a plate full of sour cream for my children.
Los vecinos adoran como tú preparas la crema agria.The neighbors love how you make the sour cream.
Es famosa tu crema agria en el barrio.Your sour cream is famous in the neighborhood.
Donde quiera que muestres tu crema agria, vendrán los clientes a degustarla.Wherever you display your sour cream, customers will come to taste it.
Embarró de crema agria la galleta de sal y mostró alegría en el rostro.He smeared sour cream on the cracker and his face was gleeful.
Dime cómo se prepara la crema agria.Tell me how the sour cream is prepared.
No quiero enseñarte el secreto de una buena crema agria.I don’t want to teach you the secret of a good sour cream.
La directora del hospital quiere que le venda mi receta de crema agria italiana.The hospital director wants me to sell her my recipe for Italian sour cream.
Sólo yo me sé los ingredientes de la crema agria.Only I know the ingredients of sour cream.
No insistas en comer crema agria a estas horas de la noche.Don’t insist on eating sour cream at this time of night.
He robado del restaurant un poco de crema agria.I’ve stolen some sour cream from the restaurant.
¡Te invito a comer a mi mansión crema de queso real!I invite you to eat at my royal cream cheese mansion!
Esa crema agria es deliciosa.That sour cream is delicious.
Quiero un poco de crema agria, por favor.I want some sour cream, please.
Compra crema agria para los tacos.Buy sour cream for tacos.
Las empanadas tenían crema agria.The empanadas had sour cream.
Tu ensalada tiene crema agria.Your salad has sour cream.
Por favor, quiero galletas saladas con crema agria.Please, I want crackers with sour cream.
Quiero hacer crema agria casera.I want to make homemade sour cream.
Me encanta la crema agria.I love sour cream.
A mis hijos les gusta mucho la crema agria.My kids really like sour cream.
Siempre compramos crema agria en el supermercado.We always buy sour cream at the supermarket.

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