Sloth in Spanish

Sloth in Spanish

How to say sloth in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice sloth en español? Sloth in Spanish translation:

sloth (masc.) – perezoso (noun)(animal)

sloth (fem.) – perezosa (noun) (animal)

Sloths are a species of slow placental mammals from Central America and northern South America, including parts of Brazil and Peru. It is an animal with solitary characteristics, it is nocturnal, arboreal, lethargic and lives in the treetops. Most of their lives are spent sleeping and hiding from predators, they lead a solitary life and travel from tree to tree using the treetops. There are two main species of sloths, those with two claws and those with three claws on their front legs, their heads are round, sad eyes, small ears, and stubby tails.


Luisa: Vimos un peresozo en el zoo | We saw a sloth at the zoo
Marcos: Me han dicho que los perezosos siempre cuelgan de los árboles. | I am told that sloths always hang from trees.

Los perezosos son muy lentosSloths are very slow
Vimos a un perezoso colgando del árbolWe saw a sloth hanging from the tree
Los perezosos siempre andan escondidosSloths are always hiding
Este perezoso tiene sólo dos garrasThis sloth has only two claws
Los perezosos duermen muchoSloths sleep a lot
Ese perezoso tiene tres garrasThat sloth has three claws
Los perezosos siempre están durmiendoThe sloths are always sleeping
Los perezosos mastican hojasSloths chew leaves

Another meaning of the word ‘perezoso’ in Spanish:

A ‘perezoso’ person is one who has very little disposition to do things and requires effort or constitutes an obligation, especially when working. Lazy is an adjective that implies or denotes laziness.

laziness, sloth, sluggishness – pereza

lazy (masc.) – perozoso (adj.)

lazy (fem.) – perozosa (adj.)


Luisa: Marcos, últimamente estás muy perezoso | Marcos, you’ve been very lazy lately
Marcos: Sí, estoy un poco cansado | Yes i’m a little tired

Ella es perezosaShe is lazy
Ustedes son muy perezososYou are very lazy
Yo soy un poco perezosaI’m a little lazy
Ellos son perezososThey are lazy
Tú tienes mucha perezaYou are very lazy
¿Por qué eres tan perezoso?Why are you so lazy?
No te gusta trabajar, eres muy perezosoYou don’t like to work, you are very lazy

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