Six Feet Apart in Spanish

How to Say “Six Feet Apart” in Spanish


Amidst the ongoing global health crisis, it is crucial to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One essential guideline to follow is to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others. To effectively communicate this precautionary measure, it is helpful to know how to say “six feet apart” in Spanish. Whether you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or simply interacting with Spanish speakers in your community, being able to convey this message will contribute to keeping everyone safe and informed.

The Translation: “Six Feet Apart”

The phrase “six feet apart” can be translated into Spanish as “a seis pies de distancia.” Let’s break it down further to understand the translation:- “Six” is translated as “seis” in Spanish.- “Feet” can be translated as “pies.” In Spanish, the plural form of “pie” (foot) is “pies.”- “Apart” can be translated as “de distancia.”Combining these translations, we get:”Six feet apart” = “A seis pies de distancia.”

Alternative Expressions

While “a seis pies de distancia” is the most direct translation, there are alternative expressions used in different Spanish-speaking regions. Here are a few variations you may encounter:1. “A dos metros de distancia”: Some Spanish-speaking countries use the metric system, where the distance is measured in meters rather than feet. In this case, “two meters apart” is the equivalent expression.2. “A una distancia de seis pies”: This alternative expression emphasizes the distance rather than the action of being apart. It translates to “at a distance of six feet.”3. “A una separación de seis pies”: Similar to the previous variation, this expression focuses on the act of being separate. It translates to “at a separation of six feet.”It’s important to note that while these variations may differ, the underlying message remains the same – maintaining a safe distance to prevent the spread of illness.

Using the Phrase in Conversations

Now that you know how to say “six feet apart” in Spanish, it’s essential to understand how to incorporate it effectively in conversations. Here are a few examples:1. “Por favor, mantengámonos a seis pies de distancia para garantizar la seguridad de todos.” (Please let’s stay six feet apart to ensure everyone’s safety.)2. “Recuerda, es importante mantener una separación de seis pies mientras estemos en público.” (Remember, it’s important to maintain a six-foot separation while in public.)3. “No olvides mantener el distanciamiento social adecuado. Al menos, a seis pies de distancia.” (Don’t forget to maintain proper social distancing. At least, six feet apart.)By incorporating these phrases into your conversations, you encourage others to practice social distancing and contribute to a safer environment for all.

In Conclusion

In times when global health is paramount, effective communication is crucial. Learning how to say “six feet apart” in Spanish equips you with the necessary tools to convey this message to Spanish speakers around the world. Remember to use “a seis pies de distancia” or one of its variations, and embrace the collective responsibility of practicing social distancing to protect ourselves and those around us. Stay safe!
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