See You Tomorrow in Spanish

Saying “See You Tomorrow” in Spanish: “Hasta mañana”


Learning common phrases in a new language allows you to effectively communicate and connect with native speakers. In this article, we will explore how to say “see you tomorrow” in Spanish, which is “Hasta mañana.” Understanding this simple but essential phrase will enable you to bid farewell and express your intention to meet again the following day. Let’s dive into the usage and variations of “Hasta mañana.”

Using “Hasta mañana” in Everyday Context

“Hasta mañana” is a widely used phrase in Spanish-speaking countries to say “see you tomorrow.” It is used in various situations, such as:Bidding farewell:¡Hasta mañana! Que tengas un buen día. (See you tomorrow! Have a good day.)Nos vemos mañana. Hasta entonces. (See you tomorrow. Until then.)Ending a conversation:Fue agradable verte hoy. Hasta mañana. (It was nice seeing you today. See you tomorrow.)Gracias por la cena. Nos vemos mañana. (Thanks for dinner. See you tomorrow.)Making plans:Mañana tenemos una reunión. Hasta mañana. (We have a meeting tomorrow. See you tomorrow.)Nos encontraremos en el parque a las 9 de la mañana. Hasta mañana. (We’ll meet at the park at 9 in the morning. See you tomorrow.)

Variations and Synonyms

While “Hasta mañana” is the most common way to say “see you tomorrow” in Spanish, there are a few variations and synonyms you might come across:”Hasta el próximo día”: This phrase means “until the next day” and can be used interchangeably with “Hasta mañana.” For example:Nos vemos en clase mañana. Hasta el próximo día. (See you in class tomorrow. Until the next day.)”Nos vemos mañana”: This phrase translates to “we’ll see each other tomorrow” and is a more informal way to express the same idea. For example:Gracias por la invitación. Nos vemos mañana. (Thanks for the invitation. We’ll see each other tomorrow.)”Hasta mañana temprano”: This phrase adds “temprano,” meaning “early,” to indicate meeting in the morning. For example:Tenemos una cita en la cafetería. Hasta mañana temprano. (We have a meeting at the café. See you tomorrow early.)


Knowing how to say “see you tomorrow” in Spanish opens up opportunities for connecting with native speakers and seamlessly integrating into Spanish-speaking environments. “Hasta mañana” is the standard and widely understood way to bid farewell and express the intention to meet again the following day. Remember that variations like “Hasta el próximo día” and “Nos vemos mañana” can also be used, depending on the context and level of formality. So, whether you’re saying goodbye to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, confidently use “Hasta mañana” to express your anticipation of meeting again the next day.
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