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Most Searched Words and Phrases in Spanish | on Google | English to Spanish Translation How to Say in Spanish?  English to Spanish | Spanish to English Translation Let's find out about the most popular words and phrases in Spanish translation. 0 in Spanish -   means  - cero en Español (numbers in Spanish) 1 in Spanish -   means  - uno en Español 1 to 10 in Spanish -   means  - uno a diez en Español 1 to 100 in Spanish -   means  - uno al cien en Español 10 in Spanish -   means  - diez en Español 100 in Spanish -   means  - cien en Español 1000 in Spanish -   means  - mil en Español 101 in Spanish -   means  - cientouno en Español 11 in Spanish -   means  -…
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What in Spanish

 How to say what in Spanish?    Qué (What in Spanish) is a tonic word, by virtue of which it is written with a diacritical tilde. It can be used as an adjective, pronoun or adverb with interrogative or exclamative sense, depending on the case. ¿Qué? (What in Spanish?) Q: What is this? / ¿Qué es esto? A: This is a latinoamerican drink / Esto es una bebida latinoamericana.  Q: What day is it today? / ¿Qué día es hoy? A: Today is friday / Hoy es viernes.  Q: What time is it? /¿Qué hora es?A: It is 2pm / Son las 2 de la tarde Q: What is that ?/ ¿Qué es eso?A: That is a cat / Eso es un gato Q: What is meant by that? /¿Qué significa eso?A: It's means nothing / Eso significa nada Q: What do you…
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