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Tree in Spanish

How to say tree in Spanish? How to translate tree in Spanish?. "Los árboles" provide oxygen, absorb bad odors and pollutants, are a source of food (learn food in Spanish) for humans, animals, and other living organisms, collaborate in cooling summers, protect us from the sun and therefore from the diseases that it causes, filter and they reduce the speed of the wind, they are a source of economic resources, they allow the obtaining of fundamental raw materials such as wood and paper.   Árbol (Tree)   Spanish Vocabulary: the trees - los árboles tree - árbol animals - animales humans - humanos wood - madera paper - papel raw materials - materias primas source of food - fuente de alimento nutrition - nutrición   "Los árboles" are a great source…
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How Do You Say Hot Dog in Spanish?

How to say hot dog in Spanish? Let's find out how do you say hot dog in Spanish. The "perro caliente", hundreds of ways to do it, but some guidelines to follow to come out perfect. Why Do We Call It "PERRO CALIENTE"?     Perro Caliente (Hot Dog)     The origin is German. Its original name is (‘dachshund’ sausages.) In the 19th century, when immigrants who traveled to the United States began to sell these delicacies in sports stadiums, and since then they have become one of the most popular fast dishes of these events. A sports journalist named Thomas Dorgan, who wrote a column where he talked about the sale of dogs, did not know the expression 'dachshund', and he himself baptized that dish as 'perro caliente'.  …
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