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Accessories in Spanish

It's time to learn how to pronounce the accessories in Spanish translation. The term accessory refers to any element or object used to complement something else, which is optional to take into account. In this section, you will learn about the most popular accessories and their translation. List of Accessories in Spanish   Sombrilla(Umbrella)   Trusa, Traje de Baño(Swimsuit)   Sombrero (Hat)   Reloj (Watch)   Monedero, PortaMonedas(Purse)   Gorra (Cap)   Espejuelos, Gafas (Eyeglasses)   Corbata (Tie)   Cinto(Belt)   Cartera, Bolso(Handbag)   Calzoncillo (Underpant)   Calcetines, Medias (Socks)   Cadena (Chain)   Brazalete, Manilla,Pulsera(Bracelet)   Blumer, Braga (Panty)   Billetera (Wallet)   Aretes, pendientes(Earrings)   Anillo(Ring)   Ajustador, Sostén (Bra) Read more about the Clothes 
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Clothes in Spanish Translation

It's time to learn how to pronounce the clothes in Spanish translation. We all like to dress well or use the latest model of clothes. So why not know the different types of clothes in Spanish How do you say different clothes in Spanish translation? In this section, you will know the clothes in Spanish. Vestido (Dress) Shor (Short) Saya, Falda (Skirt) Pulóver, Playera (T-Shirt) Pantalón (Pant) Licra (Legging) Chaqueta (Jacket) Chaleco (Vest) Camiseta (Undershirt) Camisa de MangasLargas (Longsleeves Shirt) Camisa de MangasCortas (Shortsleeves Shirt) Bufanda (Scarf) Blusa de Mangas Largas (Longsleeves Blouse) Blusa de Mangas Cortas (Shortsleeves Blouse) Abrigo (Coat) Read more about the Clothes and Accessories Category in Spanish
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