Sacarse in Spanish

How to say sacarse in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice sacarse en inglés? Sacarse in English translation: to take off, to remove, to pull out, to get out. ‘Sacarse’ is a Spanish word that means ‘to take off’,’pull out’ or ‘to remove’. This term means to extract or remove anything. ‘Sacarse’ is a verb that is used to indicate the removal of something.

Sacarse in Spanish

sacarse – to take off, to remove, to pull out, to get out

Ways to use the verb : Sacar

sacar – to take out
Pedro siempre saca la basura – Pedro always takes out the trash

sacar – to get out
Ella sacó de su bolsillo muchas monedas – She got out of her pocket many coins

sacar – to get off
Saca los pies de ahí- Get your feet out of there

sacar – to remove
Hay muchas formas de sacar la caja de ahí – There are many ways to remove the box out of there

sacar – to take *a photograph*
Puedes sacarnos unas fotos – Can you take some pictures of us

sacar – to make *a photocopy/ a document*
¿Me puedes hacer algunas copias de los documentos? – Can you make me some copies of the documents?

sacar – to get (a prize)
Ella se sacó el primer premio de la noche – She got the first prize of the night

sacar – to extract
Se sacó mucho jugo de limón – A lot of lemon juice was extracted

sacar – to take out
Sácate las manos de los ojos – Take your hands out of your eyes

sacar – to stick out
Saca la lengua – Stick out your tongue

sacar – to release
Ellos sacaron un disco nuevo – They released a new record

sacar – to get
¿Sacaste la cuenta final? – Did you get the final score?

sacar – to draw
El objetivo que sacamos fue el mismo – The objective we draw was the same

sacar – to serve
Carlos sacó en el tercer juego del segundo set – Carlos served in the third game of the second set.

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