Remedies in Spanish

pharmacy medicines in spanish

Medicines/Remedies in Spanish

Learn to name the remedies in Spanish. Study basic vocabulary of Spanish for health professionals. Learn Spanish words and phrases with online lessons.

Tablet – Tableta (ta-BLAY-ta)

Capsule – Cápsula (CAP-soo-la)

Pill – Píldora (PEEL-door-rah)

Lozenge – Pastilla (pahs-TEE-ya)

Analgesic – Analgésico (ah-nal-HEY-see-co)

Anesthetic – Anestésico (ah-nay-STAY-see-co)

Antacid – Antiácido (ahn-tee-AH-see-doe)

Antibiotic – Antibiótico (ahn-tee-bee-OH-tee-co)

Anticoagulant – Anticoagulante (ahn-tee-co-ah-goo-LAN-tay)

Antidote – Antídoto (ahn-TEE-doe-toe)

Antihistamine – Antihistamínico (ahn-t-ees-ta-MEAN-knee-co)

Anti-inflammatory – Anti-inflamatorio (ahn-tee-een-fla-ma-TOR-ree-oh)

Antiseptic – Antiséptico (ahn-tee-SEP-tee-co)

Aspirin – Aspirina (ahs-pee-REE-na)

Astringent – Astringente (ah-streen-HEN-tay)

Barbiturate – Barbitúrico (bar-bee-TOO-ree-co)

Chemotherapy – Quimioterapia (key-mee-oh-ter-RA-pee-ah)

Codeine – Codeína (co-day-EE-na)

Contraceptive – Contraceptivo (con-tra-cep-TEE-vo)

Cough drop – Pastillas para la tos (pas-TEE-yas PA-ra la toes)

Cough syrup – Jarabe para la tos (ha-RA-bay PA-ra la toes)

Cortisone – Cortisona (core-tee-SO-na)

Cream – Crema (CRAY-ma)

Diuretic – Diurético (dee-oo-RAY-tee-co) 

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