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What are the top 10 reasons to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. So learning Spanish will allow you to interact with a considerable population who consider it their mother tongue. But of course, those are not the only advantages of learning Spanish. To let you know about all the reasons you should learn Spanish, we have made you a list. Read on to know more: 



  • Study Abroad With Ease 

As said before, there are 21 countries where Spanish is an official language. So you can study in those countries with ease if you know Spanish. There will be no need for you to tell your professors to deliver their lectures in English or any other language. Not to mention that learning Spanish will allow you to make friends and get the grocery shopping done easily. 

  • Traveling Becomes More Fun

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries. So learning the language will allow you to interact with the populace of those nations easily. It will make your travels more comfortable, and you won’t have to use language translator apps. 


  • Get Better Deals

Knowing Spanish will allow you to bargain better and get amazing deals. Also, if you know the local language, you will be able to ask people about little-known or underrated buying places. So the advantages are truly enormous. 


  • More Employment Opportunities

Knowing another language is a huge plus point in anyone’s CV. It will open up doors for you and will allow you access to jobs you never had the chance to before. You will be able to get a better salary and rise faster in the world, thanks to this.



10 reasons to learn Spanish

  • Know More About Spanish-Speaking Cultures

To know and learn more about Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures, you will need to learn the language. It will allow you to read their newspapers and watch the news without relying on translators. Along with this, you will be able to read the literature with more depth as well. Thus, you will know about the culture with greater depth and empathy. 


  • Communicate Globally

Knowing how to speak Spanish will work in favour of the company or institution you are representing in any professional setting. You will be able to negotiate better or even deliver speeches better by including interesting Spanish quotes.


  • Make New Friendships 

When you learn Spanish, you will be able to access people who know this language. Thus, you can make new friends and know new people who will make a lasting impact on your life. Who knows, you might even find love with a Spanish-speaking man or woman.


  • Improve Your Vocabulary

Know that English, along with other kinds of European languages, has many Latin origin words. Note that Spanish is a romance language that originates from Latin. Since Latin has its roots in multiple English words, especially the technical and scientific terms, knowing Spanish will allow you to expand your vocabulary.  


  • Enjoy Various Spanish Art Forms

Learning Spanish will allow you to watch Spanish movies, read such literature, and watch stage performances done initially in Spanish with ease. It will broaden your horizon and will enable you to enjoy various kinds of art performances.


  • Learning Your Next One Will Be Easier

Learning any new language takes hard work and practice. It’s commonly said that if you learn a new language, then knowing the next one will become easier. Not to mention that you will learn a lot of social and mental skills that you can transfer in real-life work areas. 


Spanish is a beautiful language that will enhance your life and open non-existent travel and employment doors previously for you. You will be able to make new friends and soak in the culture more by knowing the language. 

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