Pray in Spanish

How to say pray in Spanish?

How to translate pray in Spanish? When praying, a person can thank the divinity or place a request from it. It is also, at times, a tribute that is paid to God as a show of respect and submission to his commands.

pray in Spanish


God: Dios

to pray in Spanish: rezar

Lord: Señor

Hail Marys: Ave Marías

Glory Be: Sea la Gloria, Gloria

mysteries : misterios

religious: religioso

church: iglesia

bible: biblia

divinity: divinidad

commands: comandos

Lord’s Prayer: Padre nuestro

There are different ways to pray. It is possible to pray in silence, in a private act that takes place anywhere (a house, a transport, before going to sleep, etc.). In other cases, the prayer is performed out loud and according to the instructions of the religious leader.

The act of praying can involve certain movements or body postures. In Catholicism, it is customary for the prayer to begin with the sign of the cross and then for the person to put their palms together. If the person is inside a church, likely, the subject will also kneel before the altar or in front of some image.

Praying can consist of thinking or pronouncing certain ideas that are intended to be transmitted to God. The prayer can also consist of repeating an already established prayer, such as the “Padre nuestro”.

This is composed, among other things, of the “Padre nuestro”, “de varias Ave Marías”, “de la Gloria” and the pertinent mysteries, which correspond to different days of the week. 

Sentences with the word pray in Spanish

Voy a rezar por ti.I will pray for you.
¿Sabes rezar?Do you know how to pray?
Tengo ganas de rezar.I feel like praying.
Rezar es la forma de comunicarse con Dios.Praying is the way to communicate with God.
Debes rezar por tu esposo.You must pray for your husband.
De niña aprendí a rezar.As a child I learned to pray.
Rezar me alivia el alma.Praying soothes my soul.
Fue mi tía quien me enseñó a rezar.It was my aunt who taught me to pray.
Voy a la capilla a rezar.I go to the chapel to pray.
Aunque no quieras voy a rezar por ti.Even if you don’t want to, I’m going to pray for you.
Se debe rezar con el corazón.You must pray with your heart.
¿No te gusta rezar?Don’t you like to pray?
Acompáñame a rezar.Join me to pray.
Vamos juntos a rezar.Let’s go pray together.
Me gusta rezar a solas.I like to pray alone.
A la iglesia suelo ir a rezar.I usually go to church to pray.
Es sano rezar antes de acostarse.It is healthy to pray before going to bed.
Mi tía me enseñó que debemos rezar antes de dormir.My aunt taught me that we should pray before sleeping.
Hace años que dejé de rezar.I stopped praying years ago.
Siempre voy a rezar para que nada te pase.I will always pray that nothing happens to you.
Rezar es algo común entre las religiones.Praying is common among religions.
No dejes de rezar por su perdón.Don’t stop praying for his forgiveness.
¡Arrodíllate para rezar!Kneel down to pray!
Debes rezar 3 Padres Nuestros y 4 Ave Marías.You must pray 3 Our Fathers and 4 Hail Marys.
Me confesé y el cura me mandó a rezar.I confessed and the priest sent me to pray.
Rezar es en vano si no se hace con fe.Praying is in vain if it is not done with faith.
Dejó la iglesia pero siempre se le oyó rezar.He left the church but was always heard praying.
¿Qué sabes tú lo que es rezar?What do you know what prayer is?
De nada te valdrá rezar a estas alturas.It won’t do you any good to pray at this point.
Rezar un Padre Nuestro no eliminará el daño ocasionado.Praying an Our Father will not eliminate the damage caused.


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