Pork Chop in Spanish

How to say pork chop in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice pork chop en español? Pork chop in Spanish translation: chuleta de cerdo, chuleta de puerco. A pork chop is a cut of meat that is obtained from the back of the pig. A chop from an adult pig usually contains parts such as the vertebra and the rib. This cut is usually large enough to serve as a single serving to one person.

Pork Chop in Spanish

pork chop – chuleta de cerdo, chuleta de puerco


Lily: Carlos, ¿te gustó la chuleta de cerdo? | Carlos, did you like the pork chop?

Carlos: Sí, me gustó, estaba buena | Yes, I liked it, it was good

Deliciosa estaba la chuleta de cerdoDelicious was the pork chop
Estoy cocinando unas chuletas de cerdoI’m cooking some pork chops
Voy a comprar un paquete de chuletas de cerdoI’m going to buy a pack of pork chops

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