Peripheral Nervous in Spanish

Peripheral Nervous System in Spanish

Peripheral Nervous System in Spanish

Learn to name the peripheral nervous system in Spanish. Study basic vocabulary of Spanish for health professionals. Learn Spanish words and phrases with online lessons.

axillary nerve- el nervio circunflejo

brachial plexus- el plexo braquial

common peroneal nerve – el nervio ciático poplíteo externo

cranial nerves – los nervios craneales

deep peroneal nerve – el nervio tibial anterior

digital nerve- el nervio digital

femoral nerve – el nervio crural

gluteal nerve – el nervio glúteo

iliohypogastric nerve – el nervio abdominogenital mayor

ilioinguinal nerve – el nervio abdominogenital menor

intercostal nerve – el nervio intercostal

lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh – el nervio femorocutáneo

lumbar plexus – el plexo lumbar

median nerve – el nervio mediano

obturator nerve – el nervio obturador

posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh – el nervio ciático menor

radial nerve – el nervio radia

sacral plexus – el plexo sacro

saphenous nerve – el nervio safeno interno

sciatic nerve – el nervio ciático mayor

superficial peroneal nerve – el nervio musculocutáneo de la pierna

sural nerve- el nervio safeno externo

tibial nerve – el nervio ciático poplíteo interno

ulnar nerve – el nervio cubital

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