Not Today Satan in Spanish

Not Today Satan in Spanish


The phrase “Not today Satan” has gained popularity as a humorous and assertive way of rejecting or resisting negativity or temptation. If you’re looking to express this sentiment in Spanish, this article will provide you with the translation and a deeper understanding of its usage in Spanish-speaking contexts.

How to Say “Not Today Satan” in Spanish

The phrase “Not today Satan” can be translated into Spanish as “Hoy no, Satanás” or “No hoy, Satanás.” These translations capture the essence of the original phrase and convey the same idea of refusing to succumb to negativity or temptation. Here’s how you can use these expressions:1. Hoy no, Satanás: This is the more commonly used translation of “Not today Satan.” It directly translates the phrase word for word. It can be used in various situations when you want to assertively reject something negative or harmful. For example, if someone offers you a cigarette, and you want to decline, you can say “Hoy no, Satanás” to humorously express your refusal.2. No hoy, Satanás: This translation follows a similar structure to the original phrase but switches the word order slightly. It also conveys the same message of rejecting negativity or temptation. For instance, if you’re invited to a party that you don’t want to attend, you can say “No hoy, Satanás” to assertively decline the invitation.

Alternative Expressions

In addition to the direct translations, there are alternative expressions in Spanish that convey a similar sentiment:1. No ahora, demonio: This phrase translates to “Not now, demon.” It can be used as an alternative to “Not today Satan” to assertively reject something negative or unwanted.2. No gracias, tentación: This expression translates to “No, thank you, temptation.” It is another way to convey the idea of resisting temptation or negativity. It can be used when declining an offer or invitation that may lead to an undesirable outcome.


When you want to express “Not today Satan” in Spanish, you can use the translations “Hoy no, Satanás” or “No hoy, Satanás.” These phrases allow you to humorously and assertively reject negativity or temptation in Spanish-speaking contexts. Additionally, alternative expressions like “No ahora, demonio” or “No gracias, tentación” can also convey a similar sentiment. By incorporating these phrases into your Spanish conversations, you can effectively express your determination to resist negativity and assert your boundaries. Remember to consider the context and tone of the situation to use these expressions appropriately and with a touch of humor.
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