Noelia Meaning in Spanish

Noelia Meaning in Spanish translation: The name Noelia remains the same in both languages.

Noelia Meaning in Spanish

How to say Noelia in Spanish?

The name Noelia remains the same in both languages.

Sentences with the name Noelia in Spanish

Mi corazón es de Noelia.My heart belongs to Noelia.
Mi corazón no es de Noelia.My heart is not from Noelia.
Todo lo que escribo es de Noelia.Everything I write is from Noelia.
No escribo nada de Noelia.I do not write anything about Noelia.
Mis pensamientos son de Noelia.My thoughts are of Noelia.
La esperanza de Noelia soy yo.Noelia’s hope is me.
Los juramentos de Noelia son falsos.Noelia’s oaths are false.
La actitud de Noelia es mala.Noelia’s attitude is bad.
La actitud de Noelia es buena.Noelia’s attitude is good.
Me gusta todo de Noelia.I like everything about Noelia.
No me gusta nada de Noelia.I don’t like anything about Noelia.
Este lápiz es de Noelia.This pencil belongs to Noelia.
Esos ronquidos son de Noelia.Those snores are from Noelia.
Todas las felpas son de Noelia.All plushes are from Noelia.
Esas bebidas son de Noelia.Those drinks belong to Noelia.
Esa comida es de Noelia.That food belongs to Noelia.
Esa saya es de Noelia.That skirt belongs to Noelia.
¿Qué te puedo decir de Noelia?What can I tell you about Noelia?
No hay mucho que contar de Noelia.There is not much to tell about Noelia.
Todas mis canciones son, honestamente, de Noelia.All my songs are, honestly, by Noelia.
Ese trabajo de Noelia está muy bueno.That work of Noelia is very good.
Los zapatos de Noelia brillan en la oscuridad.Noelia’s shoes glow in the dark.
Las canciones de Noelia son románticas.Noelia’s songs are romantic.
Los trabajos de Noelia son agotadores.Noelia’s jobs are exhausting.
¡Me gusta hablar de Noelia!I like to talk about Noelia!
¿El delantal blanco es de Noelia?Does the white apron belong to Noelia?
Esa comida es de Noelia.That food belongs to Noelia.
No quiero que uses los zapatos de Noelia.I don’t want you to wear Noelia’s shoes.
No hay de malo en querer usar la saya de Noelia.There is no harm in wanting to wear Noelia’s saya.
¿Y tú qué sabes de Noelia?And what do you know about Noelia?

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