Names Of Salsa Moves in Spanish

How to Say “Names of Salsa Moves” in Spanish


Salsa dancing is a popular and energetic Latin dance style that originated in the Caribbean. If you’re interested in learning salsa or expanding your knowledge of salsa moves, it can be helpful to know how to say the names of salsa moves in Spanish. In this article, we will guide you on how to express “Names of Salsa Moves” in Spanish and provide a list of commonly used salsa moves along with their Spanish names.


To say “Names of Salsa Moves” in Spanish, you can use the following phrase:”Nombres de los pasos de salsa.”Now let’s break down the translation:”Nombres” means “names.””de los pasos” translates to “of the steps.””de salsa” refers to “of salsa.”

List of Salsa Moves in Spanish

Here is a list of commonly used salsa moves along with their Spanish names:Basic Step – “Paso Básico”Cross Body Lead – “Paseo Doble Cruzado”Right Turn – “Giro a la Derecha”Left Turn – “Giro a la Izquierda”Cumbia Step – “Paso de Cumbia”Cuban Motion – “Movimiento Cubano”Cross Body Inside Turn – “Giro Interior Cruzado”Cross Body Outside Turn – “Giro Exterior Cruzado”Dile Que No – “Dile Que No”Enchufla – “Enchufla”Sombrero – “Sombrero”Exhibela – “Exhibela”Copa – “Copa”Vacilala – “Vacilala”Adios – “Adiós”Please note that these are just a few examples of salsa moves, and there are many more variations and combinations in salsa dancing.


Learning the names of salsa moves in Spanish can enhance your understanding and appreciation of this vibrant dance style. In this article, we explored how to say “Names of Salsa Moves” in Spanish. By using the provided translation, you can discuss and inquire about specific salsa moves in Spanish-speaking dance communities. Remember to practice and explore various salsa moves to expand your repertoire and enjoy the rhythmic and dynamic world of salsa dancing. ¡Disfruta bailando salsa! (Enjoy dancing salsa!)
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