Mona in Spanish

How to say mona in Spanish?

Let’s find out how and when mona can be used in Spanish.

monkey in spanish

Mono (Monkey)

What does “mona” mean?

1- It is called “mona in Spanish” to the person who imitates another one.


monkey (male) – mono

monkey (female) –  mona


She is a “monkey”, she imitates her friend a lot . – Ella es una “mona”,  imita mucho a su amiga.

She’s a “monkey”, she already copied my book – Es una “mona”, ya me copió el libro


2- It is also called “mona” to that individual who modifies her physique with gestures, for example when someone ingests alcoholic beverages


The alcoholic drink made her do “monerías”, she is a “mona” drunk – La bebida alcohólica la hizo hacer “monerías”, es una “mona” borracha


3- In the zoo, the female primate of the suborder of the apes is called “mona”.


The “monkey” had two little monkeys – La “mona” tuvo dos monitos


4- You can also say: I’m going to sleep the “mona” (Voy a dormir la “mona”), this phrase is used when, for example, you come from a party drunk and need to sleep deeply.

5- To characterize or describe someone in the form of ridicule, or that has been ridiculed.



What a shame, she was like a “mona” – Que pena, quedó como una “mona”

Marta is made a “mona” – Marta está hecha una “mona”



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