Merry Christmas Flashcards in Spanish

Merry Christmas Flashcards

How to translate some of the Merry Christmas items in Spanish with flashcards?. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation.


 tarjeta de Navidad – Christmas card

duende – elf

vela – candle

fuegos artificiales – fireworks

regalo – gift

pirotecnia – pyrotechnics

reno – reindeer

corona – wreath

ángel – angel

árbol – tree

merry christmas

 bastón de caramelo – candy cane

bola de nieve – snowball

bota – boot

bufanda – scarf

burro – donkey

campanas- bells

cascabel – jingle bell

galleta – cookie

ganso – goose

guantes – gloves

santa claus

guirnalda – garland

hombre de nieve – snowman

la lista de Santa – Santa’s list

los tres Reyes – three kings

lazo – ribbon

luces – lights

adornos – ornaments

pastel de frutas – fruitcake

pavo – turkey

trineo – sleigh

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