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Rock N Learn to Conjugate

Rock N Learn to Conjugate Spanish Verbs

This book contains 221 pages with the 37 most popular Spanish verbs and their conjugations. Indicative, Subjunctive, Imperative, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Subjunctive are included in the charts. This book is perfect if you want to master the Spanish language.


  • Amar (to love)
  • Buscar (to search)
  • Conocer (to know)
  • Creer (to believe)
  • Decir (to say)
  • Dejar (to leave)
  • Empezar (to begin)
  • Encontrar (to find)
  • Entrar (to enter)
  • Esperar (to wait)
  • Estar (to be)
  • Existir (to exist)
  • Haber (to have)
  • Hablar (to speak)
  • Quedar (to stay)
  • Hacer (to do)
  • Ir (to go)
  • Llamar (to call)
  • Llegar (to arrive)
  • Mirar (to look at)
  • Parecer (to look)
  • Pasar (to happen)
  • Pensar (to think)
  • Venir (to come)
  • Poner (to put)
  • Querer (to want)
  • Saber (to know)
  • Seguir (to follow)
  • Sentir (to feel)
  • Ser (to be)
  • Tener (to have)
  • Tomar (to take)
  • Trabajar (to work)
  • Tratar (to treat
  • Venir (to come)
  • Ver (to see)
  • Vivir (to live)
  • Volver (to return)

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