Little Brother in Spanish

Little Brother in Spanish

How to say little brother in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice little brother en español? Little brother in Spanish translation: hermanito.

brother – hermano

little brother – hermanito


Mi hermanito es rubio. – My little brother is blond.

Que lindo tiene el pelo mi hermanito. – How cute my little brother’s hair is.

Mira a mi hermanito bailando. – Look at my little brother dancing.

A mi hermanito le gusta jugar. – My little brother likes to play.

Que lindo es bailar con mi hermanito. – How nice it is to dance with my little brother.

A mi hermanito lo están bañando. – My little brother is being bathed.

Yo quiero mucho a mi hermanito. – I love my little brother very much.

Yo le doy el almuerzo a mi hermanito. – I give lunch to my little brother.

Hermanito acudió a su ayuda. – Hermanito came to his aid.

A su hermanito le encantaba. – His little brother loved it.

Hermanito le contempló con interés. – Tiny watched him with interest.

Entra Porta, siguiendo a hermanito. – Porta enters, following little brother.

Mi hermanito se dió en los dedos. – My little brother hit his fingers.

Mi hermanito es un niño muy bueno. – My little brother is a very good boy.

Pero a ti no creo que te ejecuten hermanito. – But I don’t think they’ll execute you, little brother.

Mi mamá le dió a mi hermanito. – My mom gave him my little brother.

Era mi hermanito el que intervino en la conversación. – It was my little brother who was involved in the conversation.

Mi hermanito cayó en la trampa. – My little brother fell into the trap.

Yo amo mucho a mi hermanito. – I love my little brother very much.

Mi hermanito comenzó a llorar. – My little brother started crying.

Vino la amiga de mi hermanito. – My brother’s friend came.

Mi hermanito fue a la escuela. – My little brother went to school.

De camino a la tienda mi hermanito tropezó. – On the way to the store my little brother tripped.

Mi hermanito se vistió. – My little brother got dressed.

Que lindo es tener un hermanito. – How nice it is to have a little brother.

Dos hombres le hicieron un regalo a mi hermanito. – Two men gave my little brother a gift.

Hoy es el cumpleaños de mi hermanito. – Today is my little brother’s birthday.

Yo le voy a dar una sorpresa a mi hermanito. – I’m going to surprise my little brother.

Yo quiero estar hoy con mi hermanito. – I want to be with my little brother today.

Mi hermanito está en el hospital. – My little brother is in the hospital.

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